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The best rural tourist route

Updated: 2011-12-12

■ Prize winning route: Honghu Lake - Tribe of Three Gorges – Shennong Stream – Enshi Yumu Village – Dong village in Fengxiangpo

■ Prize winning reason: This route reflects different characteristic charms of the Hubei countryside. Tourists will enjoy a warm and welcoming greeting from the fishermen’s homes, the adventures of rafting on the Shennong Stream, experience the customs of various minority peoples and the boat tracker culture of the Three Gorges, which is on the verge of extinction.

■ Highlights of the route: This route stretches along the Yangtze River, linking the unique primeval villages of Hubei with the beautiful natural landscape.

Chinese culture is rooted in farming activities and for thousands of years, the people of China have been full of awe, veneration and attachment to land. However, to some who have lived in urban areas for a long time, the fragrance of soil may have become remote and strange. Taking a second look at the familiar countryside with its harvesting fields and starry sky might beckon childhood memories and is perfect escape to revisit China’s native land.

The countryside in Hubei possesses all characteristics of what you may imagination it to be like; simplistic, vast and calm. In the expanse of primeval natural landscape, every mountain, every stream and wave of the Yangtze River beams with the wonderful power of nature. Amid the chant of the boat trackers, the scenes remind urbanites that life is closely related to our environment.

People living in the countryside of Hubei boast the purity and spirit of the land. Found in each village hidden among green mountains and aquamarine water, is a greeting, a smile and cup of unstrained wine leading to an unforgettable experience. Those who are accustomed to city life may find a sense of safety and trust from the countrymen. If you are looking for a place of peace and happiness, you may soon find that Hubei is your paradise.