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Transportation in Hubei

Updated: 2011-12-23

Travel by boat:

The length of Yangze in Hubei province is nearly 1,000 kilometers so the traffic in Yangze is very prosperous. The passenger ships here can reach Chongqing and even Shangha and other cities along the river. Due to the development of air, train and road transportations, passengers taking ships become less and less, but during the Spring Fesitival time, water carriage is still the main means to transport passengers.

Travel by bus:

There is a comprehensive road net in Hubei province, which reaches from the centre of the big cities to the heart of mountains and links the train and the water carriage. At present several highways are still being built. Two highways are opened to traffic: Wuhuang Highway starts from Huangmei to Huangshi and Wuhan; Hanyi Highway runs from Wuhan to Jingzhou and Yichang. There are other highways being built: Wuhan-Xiangfan-Shiyan, Jingzhou-Jingmen-Xiangfan, Wuhan-Xinyan(Henan), Yichang-Lichuan, and Wuhan-Chibi.

Travel by air:

The cities of Hubei Province such as Wuhan, Jinzhou, Yichang, Xiangfan, Enshi and Laohekou has its own civil airport, among of which Wuhan Tianhe International Airport has some domestic and international airlines.

Travel by train:

There are railways of Jingguang Railway, Xiangyu Railway, Handan Railway, Jiaozhi Railway, Zhiliu Railway and Wuda Railway and so on. Wuhan, the provincial capital, has trains going directly to Beijing, Zhenzhou, Tiamjing, Luoyang, Chongqi, Xi’an, Kunming, Guiyang, Changsha, Liuzhou, Guangzhou , Nanchang and Shijiazhuang and other cities.