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Hubei establishes Tourism Photography Association

By Wang Siyi and Gao Meng (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2013-10-31

The Hubei Tourism Photography Association was established in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, on Oct 29, with the aim of, and Wang Xiaodong, the executive vice-governor of Hubei, said at the opening ceremony that the association will be expected to enhance the province's potential as a tourist destination.

Tian Chengzhong, deputy director of Hubei Province People's Congress Standing Committee, will serve as honorary chairman of the association, Qian Yuankun, director of the Hubei Provincial Tourism Bureau, was selected for the role of honorary vice-chairman, and Zhang Dahua, deputy director of the Urban Construction and Environment Protection Commission of the Hubei People's Congress, is the association’s first president.

Tian said in his speech at the opening ceremony that the association is expected to benefit travel photography enthusiasts and it will also contribute to the development of tourism in Hubei. He also suggested that the association will not require any intervention from the authorities and it will strengthen its cooperation with "social organizations", meaning that it should not require any financial assistance from the government. Tian added that the association's goal is to provide more and improved photography resources for Hubei residents.

Zhang said that there are many travel photography enthusiasts in China, and the association can serve as a means to allow them to show their enthusiasm and reach their potential, so as to promote Hubei’s tourism industry.

Officials singled out 4 national 5A scenic spots, the East Lake Scenic Area, Wudang Mountains, Shennongjia and the Qingjiang Gallery, as sites in the province that are popular with travel photography enthusiasts.

The association is expected to host activities, such as a contest concerning the "Top 10 photography destinations of Hubei" and a lecture on mobile phone photography, in order to increase the popularity of travel photography, help people to improve their photography skills and increase their enjoyment of their travel.

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