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Wuchang Uprising tourism regions for the 1911 Revolution

Rating: AAAA
Location: Huanggang
The Wuchang Uprising culture stemmed from the first shots fired during the 1911 Revolution.

Qiliping Town

Location: Huanggang
Hong’an Qiliping town was the source of the famous Huangma Uprising.

Three Gorges Household

Rating: AAAAA
Location: Yichang
It is located in a region of mountains and streams where the scenery has the beauty of landscape paintings.

Three of China's "most beautiful" geoparks located in Hubei

Three parks in central China's Hubei province, Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains and Dabie Mountains, have been included in the recently released list of China's 30 most beautiful geoparks.

Wudang Mountain

Rating: AAAAA
Location: Shiyan
It is perhaps the best known of China's Taoist holy mountains.

Yellow Crane Tower

Location: Wuhan
The tower stands on the banks of the Yangtze River at the top of Snake Hill.

Shennongjia Nature Reserve

Rating: AAAAA
Location: Shennongjia
Shennongjia is a very famous place in China for at least two reasons.