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Returned zodiac heads on show at national museum

Two bronze sculptures depicting the heads of a rat and a rabbit are on display at the National Museum of China as part of a permanent exhibition called The Road of Rejuvenation.

China's movie market booms with local content, cinema expansion

China looks set for another record year as cinemas expand into more cities and themes switch from martial arts to depictions of ordinary people.

3-D printing development may be 'problematic'

A number of Chinese entrepreneurs and investors have expressed a pessimistic view of the likely development of 3-D printing in the near future.

Wushu festival held in Sichuan

Marcel Fortuna knew nothing about Mount Emei in Southwest China's Sichuan before he took part in a boxing competition held on Saturday during the 4th International Emei Wushu Festival of Sichuan, China.

Folk custom of Zhushan county

In the olden times, marriages for men and women were arranged by parents. They complied with, "dictates of parents and words of matchmakers," and a strict following of hierarchy.

Yichang folk customs and cultures

The Tujia ethnic group lives in compact communities that are mountainous and rich in products. They attract Chinese and foreign tourists with magnificent natural sceneries and folk custom.

Pilgrimages to Mount Wudang

Followers of Taoism would come to Mount Wudang to burn incense and pay homage to Emperor Zhenwu, the god of Taoism, for family happiness, success, good health and longevity.

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