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Folk customs of Yunxian county

Yunxian county boasts a long history with rich cultural heritage. It is known for integrating folk customs of the Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces and songs of the Hubei and Henan provinces.

Folk customs of Wuhan

Wuhan is the cradle of the regional Chu culture created by the people of Chu Kingdom (1066B.C-223B.C.). It comprises bronze smelting technology, weaving craft, embroidery, literature, fine arts and dancing.

Sister Festival of Miao ethnic group in Taijiang

The Sister Festival, also known as the Sister Meal Festival, is from March 15 to 17 under the lunar calendar and is a traditional holiday of the Miao ethnic group in Laotun and Shidong of Taijiang county.

Folk customs of Tujia ethnic group

The Tujia ethnic group of Enshi, Hubei province has rich and colorful folk literature and art. The group is best known for their epics and folk songs.

Marriage etiquette and conventions in rural northwest Hubei

The bride and groom are set to prepare for the wedding ceremony when they have the marriage certificate and settle down on the wedding day.

The worshipping of "Lady Moon" in Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-autumn Festival, also known as Reunion Festival, is one of the top three traditional Chinese festivals.

Ox King Festival, a common festival of Tujia and Miao ethnic groups

Ox King Festival, a common day of Tujia and Miao ethnic minorities, normally takes place on April 8 and occasionally on April 18 under the lunar calendar.

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