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Sayeryo, Hubei Tujia people's ritual dance

Ancestors of the Tujia ethnic group perform sayeryo as a way of mourning.

Dragon Boat Festival--festival originated from Hubei

The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races, especially in the southern provinces where there are many rivers and lakes.

Zhang Sanfeng, a legendary culture hero

A legendary culture hero, Zhang Sanfeng is credited by modern practitioners as having originated the concepts of neijia; soft, internal martial arts, specifically Tai Chi Chuan.

Wudang Inner School Boxing

Wudang Inner School Boxing, which originated on Wudang Mountain, is already known in China and abroad as the mountain’s natural scenery and majestic ancient building.

Taiji Sword of Wudang Mountain

Like Taiji boxing, the Taiji swordsmanship has the advantage of “overwhelming the hard by the soft” and “attacking the moving power with static force.”

Yichang Sizhu (Southern Chinese Silk and Bamboo Music)

The famous term 'sizhu', literally translates to 'silk and bamboo' and refers to the ancient use of stringed instruments with silk strings, including theerhu,pipa, and yangqin, and wind instruments made of bamboo, including thedizi(bamboo flute) and the sheng.

Jingzhou Flower-Drum Opera

The Jingzhou flower-drum opera is one of the major local operas in Hubei province.

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