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Three Gorges Dam

Rating: AAAAA
Location: Yichang
Standing at the top of the Dam which is 185 meters above sea level, the tourists can marvel at the flood discharge downwards in a close distance.

Hometown of Emperor Yan

Rating: AAAA
Location: Suizhou
It is the birthplace of Emperor Yan, the first ancestor of the Chinese people.

Huangma Uprising Memorial Park

Rating: AAAA
Location: Huanggang
It is a key example of martyr memorial architecture under national protection.

Ancient Longzhong

Rating: AAAA
Location: Xiangyang
It is the residence of Zhuge Liang, an outstanding statesman and strategist during the Three Kingdoms period.

Xianning Hot Spring

Rating: AAAA
Location: Xianning
Xianning hot spring is also named boiling pool.

Enshi Grand Canyon & Tenglong Cave

Rating: AAAA
Location: Enshi
Its cliffs stretch as hundreds of miles.

Tenglong Cave Group in Enshi

Location: Enshi
The Tenglong Cave Group is a cave cluster, with the Dry Cave and Water Cave as its main scenes.

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