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Danjiangkou aims to attract more visitors

Danjiangkou Dam, in Danjiangkou city, Hubei province, is not only a hydro-junction for flood protection and electricity generation, but also a water conservancy scenic area.

Three of China's "most beautiful" geoparks located in Hubei

Three parks in central China's Hubei province, Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains and Dabie Mountains, have been included in the recently released list of China's 30 most beautiful geoparks.

Qingjiang River Art Gallery

Rating: AAAA
Location: Yichang
Qingjiang River stretches 423 kilometers and is about 148 kilometers long.

Macheng Tortoise Mountain

Rating: AAAA
Location: Huanggang
The magical Tortoise Summit resembles a giant tortoise raising its head towards the sky.

Liangzi Lake

Rating: AAAA
Location: Ezhou
It is home to Wuchang breams and popular big river mitten crabs.

Lantian Eco-agricultural Tourism Garden

Rating: AAAA
Location: Jingzhou
It boasts gorgeous sceneries with each season showcasing new unique features.

Zigui, hometown of Qu Yuan

Rating: AAAA
Location: Yichang
Zigui is the hometown of Qu Yuan, a great patriotic poet in the Warring States Period (476-221 BC).

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